Michael Hackett Human Resource Management and Training Consultant


Michael E. Hackett
Human Resource Management and Training Consultant
Backed by 40 years senior human resource experience. Helping to build a workforce that is committed, engaged, accountable and made up of professionals who are trusted by the customer.


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Michael Hackett is a human resource and training consultant dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of your business, while helping you avoid the expenses associated with a costly HR staff. Hackett specializes in small and medium size companies, start-ups and the reengineering of HR departments. An effective human resource department must perform ahead of the curve by maintaining a clear vision of the company’s future and operating from a plan aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. A retired human resource executive with 40 years experience, Michael Hackett can help your company meet it’s critical human resource needs by developing and improving upon your HR policies, practices, programs, and procedures.





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Your Virtual Human Resources Senior Management Team

24x7 on-call Human Resource Support

Services include the development and support of a wide range of human resource responsibilities.


Employee Opinion Survey

The most valued principle of an employee opinion survey is to ask employees their opinion, listen to what they have to say and act on it.

We conduct employee opinion surveys and periodic on-site employee focus group meetings to determine the attitudes and opinions of employees and management and develop recommendations for building a strong, productive company culture

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Mediation Practice

The end game for a successful mediation process is to help both parties reach a mutually advantageous settlement.

Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator- Specializing in Employment and General Business Mediation.

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Employee Handbook and Policies

Development and implementation of your Managers' human resource Policy Manual and Employee Handbook

Examples policies: Drug Free Workplace, Internet and E-mail Use, Sexual and Other Workplace Harassment, Open Door Policy, Employee Complaint Procedure, Equal Employment Opportunity, Job Posting, Absence and Attendance, Corrective Action, Overtime, On-Call Pay, Paid Sick Leave, Flex-Time and Telecommuting, Family Medical Leave of Absence


Total Compensation Consulting

Pay for performance, a total compensation strategy … you get what you incent.






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The only thing that we cannot afford is to be outlearned by the competition.



Customer Service Training

There are three types of people who provide service: the “Make it happen” type, the “Watch it happen type” and the “Wonder what happened type”. Who do customers appreciate most?

Specifically designed for:


Recruiting and Employment Process

Hiring is probably the most important thing managers do. Hire people who are: smart, enthusiastic, conscientious, possess the right experience, and are a good fit … someone you would like to take to lunch. And did I mention smart?

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Strategic Management

Strategic Analysis, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management and Organizational Alignment.

Including: The Theory of Your Business, Critical Success Indicators, Organizational Culture Development, Goals and Objectives Linked to Incentive Compensation and Strategic Management, and Operational Systems Design


Executive Coaching

A new perspective is sometimes all that is needed.

The basic steps in executive coaching


Managing Sales Representative Performance

We all live or die by our company’s sales performance.


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Michael E. Hackett
Human Resource Management & Training Consultant

Michael Hackett is a human resource management and training consultant based in Nashville, Tennessee. Michael has distinguished himself in the field of human resource management and organizational development, with more than 40 years of executive-level experience in the manufacturing, telecommunications, and health care industries.

Michael has served as an adjunct professor for the business departments of Lipscomb University and Belmont University. He also served as an instructor for The University of Memphis, where he taught a variety of management, leadership, customer service, and strategic planning courses. Michael has authored numerous management articles in trade and professional journals. As conference leader, he has conducted training programs for industry, government, hospitals, universities, and professional associations. Michael holds BS and MS degrees from The University of Memphis.



Michael E. Hackett
Human Resource Management and Training Consultant
757 Duncan Court
Brentwood Tennessee 37027
Phone 615 440-0446
Fax 615 373-3477

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